Have a ball with the bosu!

Bosu Ball from JLL

You've more than likely seen that piece of equipment lurking in the gym that looks like half a blue football on one side and a flat disc on the reverse. Ever wondered how it's used and what it could do for your body?

The balance trainer or as it's more commonly known bosu ball - stands for 'both sides up' - can be used with either the flat surface facing up or the dome surface facing up, making it an extremely versatile piece of equipment.

Whichever side you choose to position yourself on, it creates instability and depending how it's used, challenges different parts of the body and is a fantastic tool for improving balance and core stability. You can work your legs, glutes and abdominals especially those all important stabiliser muscles.

To work your lower body and core try performing squats with the bosu dome side up:

1. Position yourself on the dome with feet hip-width apart. 2. Brace your core, bend the knees and lower yourself into a squat position. 3. Keep your knee behind your toes and look straight ahead while performing the exercise. 4. Remember to squeeze those glutes as you come up to standing position! 4. Try 10 reps to begin with. To increase the intensity perform the exercise with flat surface of bosu facing upwards.

If you'd like myself or Manny to incorporate this into your training programme, let us know!

Generic balance trainers retail on Amazon for around £35.

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