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You might have a nice holiday booked and are looking to get fit and healthy beforehand; or you're getting married in the year or just simply want to burn fat and tone up - so how do you do it? Well, you either train yourself at a gym or you may want to get the help from a professional Personal Trainer (PT).

There are many PT's out there, but how do you find the right one; who is going to give you the right advice and training?

Here we thought we would suggest some questions you might want to ask them:

1. What qualifications or experience do they have?

A professional personal trainer must hold a level 3 personal training certificate or equivalent to be able to practise and may be registered with the *Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), **National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT) or ***Institute of Personal Trainers (IPT). A reputable gym will only have personal trainers working there

who have the relevant qualifications and experience.

*REPS is a Government backed body which recognises the qualifications and expertise of exercise professionals in the UK.

**NRPT is an independent organisation, recognised by REPS which provides support for all trainers involved in personal training.

***The Institute of Personal Trainers is an international directory of personal trainers who abide by a Code of Ethical Conduct. All IPT personal trainers must hold a recognised personal trainer qualification in their country.

2. Can you tell me a bit more about your background and yourself

It's always good to know a bit of history about your trainer, do they have an athletic background, how long have they been a PT, do they specialise in a specific area of training, are they a good listener and are they able to confidently converse with people at varying levels?

You want to have a comfortable chemistry with the PT, where you feel confident in their ability and trust their guidance and expertise.

3. Can you provide some client testimonials or reviews

Nearly 80% of our business is from client referrals, which is fantastic! There's nothing more rewarding than being recommended by one of our clients! But if you're PT has not been recommended, then ask for some previous or current testimonials - if they are worth their salt, they will not hesitate in giving you this info.

4. Do I have to fill out a Pre-Activity / Health Questionnaire?

We ask each of our clients to fill out this contract in detail, the more you know about your client's history, any medical conditions and lifestyle questions the better! Anyone starting to look at a lifestyle change and considering physical exercise and nutritional diet plans should consult their GP first, especially with a medical condition. Ask the PT if they have something similar.

5. What type of health and fitness plans do you offer and what will they cost?

Every client is different in their needs and programs! Your PT should develop a bespoke plan for your exact training requirements. It's not just about them putting a training program in place for example: fat loss, there are many different aspects to look at. Any decent PT will have their program costs available to view on their web site or in print.

6. How many sessions a week will I need and why?

This will all depend on what your objective/goal is; how quickly you want to achieve this goal and how much of a budget you have.

As a minimum we would recommend 1-2 times a week especially if you are really busy, plus if you are new to a gym and not use to training you need time to recover. If you are able too; we recommend 3-4 times a week as progress will be much quicker and much more consistent!

7. How will you monitor my progress throughout the program?

The whole point of getting a PT is having a goal/objective to achieve, so this should be monitored and tracked by the PT. Plus it helps if things are slipping and you need a bit more of a push or motivation when you are struggling. And the sense of achievement you feel when you've just been told you have reached your goal!

These are just some examples of what you should be asking of a Personal Trainer - should you require any further clarification from The Lean Team - email us: theleanteamworldwide@gmail.com

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