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Lovely Client Testimonial today - Barbara Tsiamparta


Although not new to the gym, for a little over 5 years I have been training and had various PTs each one very different, however in all my efforts to lose some weight I found myself getting bulkier and weight wasn't dropping.. I at times put it down to my age as I am in my late 40s.


I knew I wasn't happy in myself with the way I looked.. until I met Manny Muhammed, who showed me how to train to lose body fat, become leaner without losing muscle.. and that is exactly what he did for me.


I started with 29% body fat and have dropped to 21%. I feel fitter,  leaner full of energy and my shape has dramatically changed I feel better now than I've ever felt in my 20s and above all this, my confidence is sky high!


You need the best tools to get the best results, by far if you are serious about achieving your goal feeling amazing in yourself, look no further than THE LEAN TEAM!!


Make the best investment in yourself because YOUR WORTH IT!!

Lean Team raise £750 for charity - Mary Seacole Housing Association


The Lean Team are thrilled to announce they managed to raise a grand £750 at the fabulous Mary Seacole Housing Association Charity Dinner on Saturday 19th November 2016 at The Auction House, Luton.


The team offered an auction prize of five free personal training sessions, which was duly won by the guys from Deakin-White Estate Agents. So just a massive thank you from all at the Lean Team!


Now who from Deakin-White is brave enough for the PT sessions - that's what we want to know...

Working out in Mexico!


Think Manny was just sunning himself out in Mexico - think again!


No rest for the wicked, keeping up with his skipping routines whilst on holiday!

Core Strength Training with Manny Muhammad


Core strength exercises strengthen your core muscles, including your abdominal muscles, back muscles and the muscles around the pelvis. Strong core muscles make it easier to do many physical activities.


If you need our help with Core Strength Training, email us on:

Bravery Award presented to Manny Muhammad at Luton Community & Business Awards 2014


The Luton Community and Business Awards 2014 have nominated Manny Muhammad to be put forward for a 'Bravery Award' at the Dunstable Conference Centre on 13th November.



Manny Muhammad and Zulu Malik heroically helped save Reverend Mike Jones from St. Mary's Church in Luton; when he became trapped underneath a car!

Ben Doughty Post Interview with Manny Muhammad - Aug 2014


Ben Doughty talking to Manny about his ordeal saving a local Vicar in Luton from underneath a car and his thoughts on his fight at York Hall.

Manny Muhammad vs Ernestas Dapkus - Aug 2014


Manny Muhammad 'Big Dawg' taking on Ernestas Dapkus at York Hall, London.

Winner Manny Muhammad at Warzone Event - 1st March 2014


'Big Dawg' - Manny Muhammad winner from the York Hall, London fight night - WARZONE EVENT!

Vaidas Balciauskas v Manny Muhammad at Warzone Event - 1st March 2014


'Big Dawg' - Manny Muhammad winner from the York Hall, London fight night - WARZONE EVENT!



TRADTKO Training with Manny Muhammad


Manny Muhammad can be found weekly down at Canning Town's famous Boxing Gym - TRAD TKO!