As a qualified trainer for boxing & licence holder, Manny & his team will teach you professionally trained techniques such as:


  • Punching Techniques

  • Footwork Drills 

  • Combination Work

  • Bag Work

  • Circuits Training 

  • Counter Punching 

  • Sparring

  • Skipping

  • Defence

  • and much more...



Didn't realise just how tough it was to learn to box, but after having a dedicated program with Manny I can say it was run with extreme professionalism, tough work but well worth it!   

The Lean Team have packages available to suit all needs and budgets!



#ThisGirlCan Campaign

Manny & team supporting more women into sport - boxing training warm-up!

Chris preparing for White Collar Boxing

Manny training Chris for first event.

Claire Smith Boxing Training

One-to-one boxing training with Manny!

#ThisGirlCan Campaign 2015

Manny & team supporting #SportEngland promote more women into sport - getting fit!

Claire up-skilling her Boxing Techniques

Learning new boxing techniques with Manny Muhammad.

Ricki Singh Boxing Training

Ricki working really hard in his boxing training session.

Boxing Session with Ricki

Ricki working those pads.

Claire one-2-one Boxing Training

Claire doing the boxing rounds with Manny.

Shazia - Boxing Training

A new client working in the Boxing Circuit